Saturday, May 24, 2008


spring definitely gets points for all the goodies that pop-up during its span. fiddleheads are one of my favorites. while these did not have a beginning quite as good as the ones that blair gathered in the wilds of vermont for me last year, they were just as tasty. inspired by the best pizza i have ever eaten (also, thanks to blair) some of these became calzone...

fiddlehead and broccoli calzone

take cooked fiddleheads and cooked broccoli (al dente) and saute in a good amount of butter, garlic, salt, and pepper. let to cool while you stretch out a piece of pizza dough. spread the dough with ricotta, sprinkle with asiago salt and pepper, and layer on the fiddlehead mix. fold over the dough, sealing carefully and then making a few slashes in the top. place on a preheated pizza stone and cook until golden.

i used premade dough (pilsbury) and followed their directions in terms of heat, so i imagine that if you make your own dough you would just bake it as usual.

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