Sunday, May 18, 2008

a week later...

so finally, i get a chance to post at least one recipe from last weekend's mother's day dinner. dessert!

banana wontons
(very very easy)

~ wonton wrappers
~ 2 ripe bananas
~ handful of mini chocolate chips
~ handful of chopped pecans, toasted in a pan then coated with some brown sugar and further toasted
~ powdered sugar for dusting
~ oil for frying

mash the bananas and mix in chocolate chips and pecans, the ratio is really up to you

lay down one wonton wrapper, brush edges with water, spoon some filling into center, lay second wrapper on top and press together to seal

repeat, making sure that wontons do not touch and get stuck together

drop in hot oil (we do our frying outside) and quickly turn so that both sides of the wonton get golden brown
*note: they an get a little puffy here, so keep in mind when sealing the wrappers that you should try and squish as much air out as possible

drain, dust with powdered sugar, serve, and enjoy

expect more banana dishes to come, we had a meeting at work this past week and some how ended up with about 3 lbs of bananas. instead of leaving them to rot they are now making my kitchen smell quite fruity!

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mouse (aka kimy) said...

I can attest that banana wontons are most delish!! and fun!!