Wednesday, August 20, 2008


have i posted about pancakes before? i cannot remember...

have you ever had a panic attack brought on by food? i have. tonight. i am not sure if i should be admitting this, but the one i just had was instigated by my pancake dinner. i was so excited! i was finally satisfying a craving that i have been having for about two months. after trying and trying to find the time (and have the ingredients) to use the buttermilk pancake recipe that i got from "the green bean woman at work" everything was in place. my batter was mixed, my griddle was hot, in fact the first few discs were starting to bubble. that's when i went to grab the powdered sugar. see, i only like my pancakes with powdered sugar. and that was how i had been dreaming of them.

of course, i couldn't find it. i swore it was in a mason jar. then i thought it must have been in a box. i tore my kitchen apart. emptied out one wall of cabinets. and i am well stocked, it was a mess. as i was piling box after box of weird pantry items that i really need to eat at a quicker rate my heart began to race. i started sweating (minimally of course, i am a lady!). i began to fear that my destiny was one with out pancakes. after several frantic phone calls- i was about to bribe someone to come over with powdered sugar (and we are talking money bribe here), i found it. way in the back. in a bag behind some salad dressing and a packet of indian biryani mix.

immediately my breathing returned to normal. i could see strait again, and what a mess came into focus! but who cares if i ate my pancakes in an inside out kitchen, i ate them with powdered sugar!

Friday, August 15, 2008

green bean killers

yesterday one of the wonderful women that i work with brought me green beans. a whole half peck of them. she asked what i was going to do with them, and added that i could always freeze them. i don't think that that is going to be necessary. to quote m., with whom i had dinner with last night, "these are the green beans of my dreams". tender and tasty. picked that morning. there will be no survivors by the time the day is through.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

i'm classy...

really, i am. the woman in the mini van who almost ran me off the road told me so. after nearly plowing into me she pulled up right next to me as we stopped at a light. that is when she complimented me on the way i carried myself- with claaaassss... i am not quite sure how she got that from my comment to her, but it is always nice to hear good things about yourself. i thanked her and commented on how lucky i was to have that and the ability to drive without running into people. i really am blessed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

on a grander scale

my dog has allergies and i am constantly on the receiving end of her sneezes. it is pretty gross sometimes, but i will never again complain... i got one from a cow.