Wednesday, April 30, 2008

yawn, damnit!

that lump is a horse. the horse is not dead, it is tired. there is an on-going joke at work because people call in to report dead horses in our fields. sometimes they call us directly, sometimes they call the town police. i wonder how many calls a month the five-o get regarding our animals. "excuse me, officer, but there are cows blocking the road at..." "i'd like to report a horse, it is running thru my yard. yes i understand it is two in the morning...". no wonder the animals get so tired that they keel over and sleep, they have full schedules of fence tipping midnight escapades!
speaking of sleep, although i have been slacking a bit on my posting, i really should be in bed right now instead of spending time on this silly thing. plus i have a book i am very excited to start and i know that my alarm is going to seem very, painfully, early at this point.

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