Tuesday, April 29, 2008

humans, ugh.

in the past week two people i know have had their dogs stolen from them. this makes three friends who have had this happen to them within the past 6 months. how are people capable of this? it really is like stealing a child. i like to think of myself as a peaceful person, but everyone has a limit... and stuff like this make me wish very painful things on the type of human who would act in this way.

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Randeep said...

That is very sad for your friends - and evil of someone else! My aunt's dog was stolen about 7 years ago... they are like her children, and she searched for it for over a year, offering rewards, hiring a detective, etc. Finally, last year (!) someone saw it just sitting by the side of the road near a trailer park several PROVINCES away, still wearing its old tag with her phone number on it. The neighbor had taken it and moved. So, her dog returned, after all those years - and she had never stopped feeling sad about it, so it was good.