Tuesday, July 22, 2008


there are a few things in this world that i have a really hard time talking about without getting all stupid. some end in my having a kind anger-sadness hybrid meltdown which leave tears streaming down my face while i mentally plot relieving my anger with a bit of property damage. eventually i get my act together and stop crying. and while i do not give into these destructive desires i usually continue plotting- it's cathartic. anyway, laws against pit bulls tend to elicit this type of response.

lakewood, the town i live in just passed some of these laws. i don't have to move immediately, which i would completely do if i did not have a plate full of other crap at the moment. but now me and dixie get to jump through a series of hoops, some of which could cost quite a bit of dough. but whatever, it's only money.

what i am really pissed off about is the fact that now i cannot take my loving little bully out of the house without a 3 foot long chain with 300lb tensile strength and a muzzle on. this is just going to propagate even more fear of the breed. stupid fucking humans.

...but at least all the gigantic stuffed animals walking the streets of lakewood will no longer have to worry about my vicious pit bull eviscerating them...

(d. basking in the aftermath of one of her attacks)

(elvis, the other pit in the family, being ridden by a 2 year old- crikey and without a muzzle!)

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randeep said...

Boo! That fucking sucks! When I saw your title I thought this was just going to be about the nonsense Kim told me about how they almost moved because sweet Dixie wasn't going to be allowed over. But this is just stupid x 1000. I'm sorry!